HTC One Review
HTC ONE has more advanced features. HTC ONE has many reviews and they are very popular among readers.Aluminium is used for the backplate and the screen surround, and fresh out of the box, our matte-black review sample looked and felt superb (it's also available in silver). However, the large expanse of the back could be prone to scratching by keys, coins and other odds and ends that find their way into pockets and bags.

Powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor running at 1.7GHz with 2GB of RAM, the HTC One fairly flies along. In fact,nothing we threw at it seemed to slow it down. Storage capacity is another matter: 32GB may seem like plenty, although on checking we found that only 25GB was available to the user fresh out of the box.HTC also bundles 25GB of Dropbox storage, which might also seem generous.

But there's no microSD card support here, which will disappoint anyone who likes to swap cards to move data between several devices.The 2300mAh battery has a lot of work to do keeping this handset going. HTC includes a power-saving mode, but this doesn't let you decide exactly how power is saved. Similarly, 'sleep mode' turns data off after 'long periods' of inactivity, but the handset doesn't tell you how long these periods are,and you can't configure it. Even simple settings like turning data off overnight would be useful, and we'd really like a lot more facility for user intervention.