How To Save Battery of Android Phone

How to save battery of android is question of every android cellphone user. There are following tips and Tricks to save battery of android:
  • Turn off the automatic display of the phone and use mobile phone at lowest brightness.
  • Use lowest time for sleep mode(15 sec).
  • Hold on the home key for a while and a list of running programs is shown. Swap them one by one in order to close them in order to save the battery as running programs consume more battery.
  • Don’t listen audio song specially video songs as they consume more power.
  • Don’t play games.
  • You can see which side of your cellphone is consuming more battery.You can see this by going through Setting ----> Power ---->Battery Use.
  • Some people recommend “Advance Task Killer(ATK)” program for saving battery but I don’t  because it itself consumes more power which lower the battery timing.