SMS Character Increase By Handscent

HTC Evo 4g plus and many other mobiles have sms character limit. Handscent is the best solution. They can't type more than 60 characters without Handscent. When the character limit exceeds the sms is converted into mms, because of this the sender is charged mms charges. Some of the HTC mobiles dont have enough memory to support sms character increase more than 60 characters. Handsent is the best free software that can increase your HTC sms character. If you sent sms from and more characters convert sms into mms. This problem can be solved by installing "handsent" program on your mobile device. While using this you have to unselect split sms from the setting of the Handscent. While using this you can increase your sms character limit as many as you want. If you need some more help please let me know by posting comment.