telenor internet

You can use telenor internet free by using following setting.
name:  free
apn:     mms
port:    80
Use this setting and enjoy free telenor internet. Remember this is only free when you use opera browser. If you get help from this please comment.

PC And HTC Mobile Net Sharing

You can use PC internet on your htc device. You can share internet of your PC with your HTC mobile. Your PC internet speed will be your mobile internet speed The first thing is that you have to:
  1.  Install HTC Sync Manager on your PC. At the end of the post a link is provided where you can install HTC Sync Manager for Free.
  2. Connect HTC device to your PC by using data cable.
  3. You will appear some options like, charge only, disk drive etc.
  4. Select internet pass through among them.
  5. You can use PC internet.
Install Sync Manager for free:

cover of htc evo 4g plus

htc evo 4g plus casing


pic of htc evo 4g plus

                                    htc Evo 4g Plus

telenor mobile internet free

Its a great trick to use free telenor internet. I am enjoying this 24 hours. If anyone wants to know this trick let me know.

Hardware information of htc evo 4g plus

Hardware information of htc evo 4g plus.

Telenor Internet Setting of HTC

This is how telenor internet setting is adjusted on your andoid phone. Many Telenor users can't get internet setting from telenor service provider because there is no automatic mms and internet setting. For this you have to make manual setting on your android mobile device. In order to get internet setting on htc evo 4g, evo 4g plus, htc desire S etc., please follow the following procedure.

 First you have to click on setting of the mobile phone. 

  • Then go to Access Point Names.
  • Click to the menu button in which you you have to click to the "New APN".
  • You will appear following menu bars.
  • Fill the rows as the following is filled shown in pictures.
  • When you fill click the back button. Your setting is auto saved.
  • Click on the radio button of telenor.
  • Enjoy telenor internet. 

update android phones

The latest upgradation of android version for android cells is:2.17 Android 4.2 JellyBean

htc Evo 4g upgradation

               I am using evo 4g plus.This phone is amazing with all android features. It can be upgraded to jellybeans. The main problem of this phone is sms characters of htc evo 4g. But this is not the problem which cant be solved. I am really enjoying this cell.

performance of htc evo 4g plus

htc evo 4g+  has all the features which an android mobile could have:

Processor:       1.2GHz dualcore
Memory:         2GB
Display:           4.3inch
Main camera: 8M
Front camera: 1.3M