How to Uninstall Program From Android Phone to uninstall program from android phone is very important question.Android phones have more complex setups and procedures. Uninstall app from android is little bit complex. Every app is rooted to a specific folder.Uninstalling an application is as complex as the installation.On the other hand Installation of an application is very easy as there are lot of apps available for android phones in the folder under the name of "Play Store".The main thing to remember is that you have to connect to internet through WiFi or Sim internet.Many paid and free apps are there.You can download apps there.Coming after installation uninstallation come if you are not interesting in the installed application or it is not useful to you.If you want to uninstall an application you have to open the main menu.Here you will see a folder named "Setting".This is that folder which is the gateway for setting to bring any change in the mobile phone device from function to appearance.When you scroll down the "Setting" folder, you will see "Apps" folder.Here you will see a list of all downloaded application under the tab "Downloaded".Press it, two buttons will appear "Force Stop" and "Uninstall". Press uninstall and Ok.Your application is uninstalled completely.