Memory Card Password Unlock

This how to unlock memory card without password. Memory Cards are the external storage devices that are used to store information. Most of the users store music, videos, photos and other documents in the memory cards. But some experienced users also stores confidential data in it and sets up the password to protect it from unauthorized access. But when this password is lost then there is a problem to recover that data. There is not any software easily available to remove password protection. If you connect the password protected memory card with your computer using USB then it will not show any extra hard drive in your Windows Explorer. The only solution left
is to Format the memory card from your mobile phones.FExplorer is free software which will bring sigh of relief to users who forgot their memory card password. FExplorer only works with Nokia s60 first and second Edition phones.


Installing WINDOWS XP is very time consuming process. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to install windows XP on your PC. This is how to install Windows XP faster without having any error. We will guide you through a process  to install WINDOWS
XP in about 15 minutes.
Power on your computer and start with bootable windows XP cd
In first step window will load installation files.
Select any drive ( C: ) for installation.
Select NTFS to format the partition.
Setup will copy files on this drive and it will try to restart PC.
After restarting when you see Xp logo, press (Shift+F10).
It will open (CMD) prompt.
In CMD prompt type (Taskmgr)
It will open task manager. Now go to “process” tab and find “Setup exe” Right click on setup.exe and select “Set priority”
You will see a submenu. Here priority will be normal. Select priority to (High)  or above (Normal).

LCD & TFT Difference

A common question is being faced many times these days, "What is the difference between TFT and LCD.

  • LCD stands for "Liquid Crystal Display".
  • TFT stands for "Thin Film Transistor".

TFT technology is derivative of LCD technology so this is the newer version of LCD Technology. TFT provides better and improved quality of image. There are two types of
display qualities, Matty and Grossy. LCD is a Matty display while TFT is Grossy. Both LCD and TFT consume low energy power.

Tricks On Computer you are facing problem with your keyboard or some of your keyboard's keys are not working then there is a way in which you can use your mouse as a keybsoard. This is how you can replace your keyboard with PC mouse. You can do this by following these steps. Go to start manu and press "run". If you are not finding "run" command then go to the search bar of the start manu and type "run". Don't type any comma of space.
When run appears type "osk". Dont use any commas, space or symbol. A keyboard will appear on the screen and you can use keys of this keyboard with your mouse.

LG Optimus G Pro

The LG Optimus G Pro is LG's first handset with Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. Here is the review of it. It is available in both 5” for Japan,and 5.5” versions for Korea. The Korean model we nabbed for a review here eschews the typical 5” size of its direct competitors to go big, and set itself apart from the barrage of 5-inchers about to hit the market. Not only that, but the phone is also loaded with a powerful Snapdragon 600 quad-core chipset, and sports games that you don't see often these days – both a memory expansion slot, and a swappable is certainly the most manageable device of  XXL screen sizes out there.LG has had the brilliant idea to put QButton on the right side, above the volume keys, which can be mapped to quickly launch any application of your choosing. If we could program it to be a “back” button, too, all of our prayers about controlling big screen smartphones with one hand would have been answered.As that's the most-used
 navigational button in Android, but alas, you can't map the back key to the QButton.The Q key, along with the volume rocker underneath, and the power/lock key on the right, are easy to find and press and the same goes for the rather thin home button underneath the display. That same home key has a notification light around it, that can shows six different colors to notify you of a missed call, message or email, to alert you on a calendar event or the charging status, or simply flash in all colors of the rainbow when the alarm goes on in the morning. In addition, there is a color that can be lit up by third party apps that support the LED notification function, like the Facebook app.LG has supplied a brilliant 5.5” Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels screen on the Optimus G Pro, and the screen's pixel density of 401ppi, while not as high as the 441ppi of the Full HD 5-inchers. This phone has a huge power battery of 3140mAh.

Visit the following link to have a review of HTC One:

Rigging In Election 2013 Of Pakistan

Rigging in Election 2013 of Pakistan has been seen in many areas. PML N defeated Imran Khan in Lahore. Protest is on in Lahore in NA-125 againt corruption made by PML N and people are demanded fair election. Karachi is the major city of Pakistan but corruption is also there. Protest is being conducted by PTI supporters at Teen-Talwar in Karachi against MQM corruption. Ibrar ul Haq also complained to Election Commission of Paksitan that his opponents threaten his voters and made heavy corruption. Mr. Ibrar ul Haq is much more dissopointed and is demaning fair election.

HTC One Review
HTC ONE has more advanced features. HTC ONE has many reviews and they are very popular among readers.Aluminium is used for the backplate and the screen surround, and fresh out of the box, our matte-black review sample looked and felt superb (it's also available in silver). However, the large expanse of the back could be prone to scratching by keys, coins and other odds and ends that find their way into pockets and bags.

Powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor running at 1.7GHz with 2GB of RAM, the HTC One fairly flies along. In fact,nothing we threw at it seemed to slow it down. Storage capacity is another matter: 32GB may seem like plenty, although on checking we found that only 25GB was available to the user fresh out of the box.HTC also bundles 25GB of Dropbox storage, which might also seem generous.

But there's no microSD card support here, which will disappoint anyone who likes to swap cards to move data between several devices.The 2300mAh battery has a lot of work to do keeping this handset going. HTC includes a power-saving mode, but this doesn't let you decide exactly how power is saved. Similarly, 'sleep mode' turns data off after 'long periods' of inactivity, but the handset doesn't tell you how long these periods are,and you can't configure it. Even simple settings like turning data off overnight would be useful, and we'd really like a lot more facility for user intervention.

NA 108 and PP 117 Results of Election 2013

NA-108 result shows that Muhammad Ijaz Chaudary(There is no affiliation party) won by 84906 votes by defeating Mumtaz Tarar of PML N, who got 73679 votes and got 2nd position.
PP-117 election resutl shows that Syed Tariq Yaqoob of PML(N) wins the election by getting 25180 votes by defeating Shakeel Gulzar of PTI who got 13599 votes.

Election Result 2013 Of Pakistan

Election result 2013 of Pakistan has been announced by Election commission of Pakistan.PML(N) win this election by defeating PTI of Imran Khan. PTI has also been on 2nd number in Lahore.ldly unpopular after five tumultuous years in government, was battered at the polls. It was set to secure around 35 seats, most of them in its traditional rural strongholds in Sindh province.
Sharif emerged onto the balcony of the PML-N headquarters in Lahore well before midnight to address supporters who cheered and waved the green flags of the party.
He said he was prepared to work with all other parties to try to fix the country's many problems.
"We want to change the destiny of the country and fulfil the promises we made to the nation during the election campaign," So the Prime Minister is Mian Nawaz Sharif. PML(N) is on first, PTI on second and PPP is on third number.Many pillors of PPP like Raja Perveiz Ashraf and Qamar Zaman Qaira fall.

Porsche 911 S Sports Car
Porsche 911 has its 50th anversery this year, and the 40th anniversary of the iconic Turbo model.  So its time to introduce all-new versions of the 911 Turbo and the 911 Turbo S by Porsche, which are based on the latest 991-generation of the 911. Both models use a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine, but in slightly different states of tune. The 911 Turbo produces 520 hp and 487 lb-ft of torque, increases of 20 hp and 7 lb-ft compared to the 2012 911 Turbo.
 Porsche predicts a 0-to-60-mph time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph. The 911 Turbo S turns up the variable-geometry turbochargers to produce 560 hp and 516 lb-ft, a gain of 30 hp versus the 2012 version. The run to 60 mph is pegged at 2.9 seconds and the top speed is 198 mph.Turbo and Turbo S will be equipped only with seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmissions.

Porsche believes that its PDK is quicker and more fuel efficient than traditional three-pedal manual transmissions.The Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S adopt the rear-wheel-steering system introduced for the 911 GT3, which allows the rear wheels to pivot 2.8 degrees to improve handling.

Top Free Android Apps

There are Top Applications which are free for android.Share the best free apps so they are useful to others...
Some of them are:
1. Angry Birds
2. Viber
3. Skype
4. Temple Run, Temple Run 2
5. WhatsApp
6. Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja 2
7. English Urdu Dictionary
8. My Qibla
9. MX Player.
10. HighWay Rider
11. FlashLight
12. Talking Tom
13. Avast
14. Astro File Manager