Election Result 2013 Of Pakistan

Election result 2013 of Pakistan has been announced by Election commission of Pakistan.PML(N) win this election by defeating PTI of Imran Khan. PTI has also been on 2nd number in Lahore.ldly unpopular after five tumultuous years in government, was battered at the polls. It was set to secure around 35 seats, most of them in its traditional rural strongholds in Sindh province.
Sharif emerged onto the balcony of the PML-N headquarters in Lahore well before midnight to address supporters who cheered and waved the green flags of the party.
He said he was prepared to work with all other parties to try to fix the country's many problems.
"We want to change the destiny of the country and fulfil the promises we made to the nation during the election campaign," So the Prime Minister is Mian Nawaz Sharif. PML(N) is on first, PTI on second and PPP is on third number.Many pillors of PPP like Raja Perveiz Ashraf and Qamar Zaman Qaira fall.